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Great is NEVER Good Enough. When it comes to your brand and product identity, we spare no expense in achieving the perfect design. We help our clients by creating brand experiences that differentiate from the competition and achieve impactful results.

We design and develop towards a user-centric goal. By forgoing all notions of trends, we are able to create truly unique and beautiful products that achieves a synthethis of ergonomic functionality and captivating aesthetics. Every design and engineering process we engage in is ultimately geared toward the end user, your customers. We approach your ideas with a 4 Phase Pipeline:
Phase 1: Research and Concept Design:
Phase 2: Design Verification:
Phase 3: CAD/3D Renders:
Phase 4: Prototyping

Consistancy is essential when producing high resolution renders. We offer professional quality models that are beautifully built, topologically efficient, and crafted with high resolution textures. We provide the following:
Product Beauty shots
Exterior/Interior Scene Evironments
Architectural Renderings
Animated models
Video Game Ready assets (Hard Surface & Organic Modeling)

Let’s face it, people judge things based on their ‘covers’. Luckily, we construct creative and refreshing ideas for all of your packaging and print needs so that your products will be sure to shine. We fully understand your business and your target audience, research your market and ensure we create you an identity that will be unique to your business.

Since the graphic design element is the most vital key to any project, we make sure to make it look Good! With our extensive knowledge of typography, colors and placement, we’ll make sure your brand not only looks modern but will hold it’s classic design for years to come.

We built this site. No explaination needed.
We utilize HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery to create innovative, forward-thinking sites that give visitors new, intuitive experiences. We understand how visitors navigate through a site and we design sites that take them on the most stylish journey possible.

We enjoy playing video games; but we also love creating them. Our team of talented 3D Artists and Graphic Designers are ready to help bring your next awesome game idea to the next-gen level. We provide UI design, Concept Design, high-quality 2D graphic elements, as well as 3D props, weapons and environments! We’re almost ready to debut our first mobile game but for now, our favorite game is Burglin’ Boggart.

Check it out in the iTunes Store!

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words… Our pictures are worth 1,000,000 words.



Sporknif is a design agency that specializes in everything! We believe that nothing is out of the realm of possibilities when it comes to design. Sporknif was founded on the belief that great design comes from the close collaboration between designers and clients throughout every project. We’re committed to pushing the envelope and providing something to be proud of.


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